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Aug 2 13 1:30 AM

Whose Rutger Al? Is he related to Rutger Hauer?

I just read the first few paragraphs and I like it already - "where IQ points go to die" - good stuff. Though I thought that place was TOS. Or any debate with Mac.

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Nov 3 13 10:18 PM

ondeadlin wrote:
Ask and you shall receive:

One of the less colorful responses:
Mike Foley writes:

"I'm a Bama idiot. A Bachelors Degree, a Masters and a Doctoral Candidate but I guess I'm still not as smart ass some UT blogger......."

I think you meant as. 

And if this guy gets a doctorate, American education loses. 
Just remember even Forrest Gump got a degree from Bama

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