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No, on mobile it didn't let me see it (can't click away). on desktop I'm fine for some reason. Anyhow, I agree mostly. I'm no fan of Franklin, the school, or their disgusting history, but what's Franklin supposed to do? Have the team always be somber? No promotional stuff? He's doing his job, really. We can discuss whether it's a job worth doing, but I haven't seen any credible/realistic discussions on that. That's sort of been decided already. The NCAA has said that it is.

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I think hearkening back to the glory days is a little distasteful when those glory days were largely forged by a man who ended his career by being dismissed for his role in covering up a huge child-molestation scandal.

I'm not saying don't market the team. I'm saying do it differently. But they can't, because their fans won't let them. Because their entire culture is wrapped up in those glory days, in that tradition. Really, the planet would be better off were PSU's football program to be eradicated.

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