TGIF: Smart move but too bad for Ronnie James

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Jun 10 17 3:37 AM

elgreco wrote:
I've been too a Drink & Paint event and it was really fun, and very well attended. It's very trendy now. Hopefully LJ can adjust once the inevitable happens and the next best thing comes along. 

Not sure where this one is located but if it is in or near the CBD I could see them drawing corporate clients for everything from team building outings to employee appreciation nights. Also, I'd bet singles nights would do well in downtown Philly.   

If OTOH this place is in a suburban-type shopping center, meh.

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Posts: 11,535 PlexiSchwartz

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Jun 10 17 3:41 AM

"I don't have regrets in life, really, but my biggest regret is not playing (baseball) all four years in high school..."

He gets a pass because I like him. And oh yeah, he's an amazing human being.

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Substitute Jack

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Jun 10 17 7:38 AM

I participated in a drink and paint event many years ago to spruce up the exterior of our Sig Ep houses at 572 and 574 George Street. I had never tried to paint a house before, and this was a big project. It turned out quite well, surprisingly. Some brothers kept going and scraped and repainted their perfectly good interior bedrooms. After a case or two of Rolling Rock was consumed, they were left wondering, what were we thinking?

This is one example of how Rutgers helped me to grow up.

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Jun 10 17 9:32 AM

ruinsane wrote:
What? No Rainbow in the Dark or Holy Diver reference.

Tough crowd

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