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Jun 14 17 9:18 PM

rc95 wrote:
. . .  Ray has done basically everything possible to demonstrate remorse and make up for what he's done. If at this point you still don't believe he deserves a shot (setting aside his ability to play), you simply don't believe his particular crime is forgivable -- ever. . . . 

Agree that he has, and I agree that he deserves a shot.  If that was the debate, there wouldn't have been one.  

By the way, he very well may have been ostracized.  That video would be a PR problem for any team who subsequently signed him.  But Rice also had a hip issue (I believe it was the hip) that had significantly curtailed his production at the end of 2012 and through 2013, and that played some role in his not getting signed.  In other words, if it were clear that Ray was still the best all around back in the league at the top of his game, I'd guess that someone would have signed him.

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Jun 14 17 11:04 PM

I agree -- it's a value judgment on the teams' part, not any kind of specific blackballing. I believe the same about Kaepernick -- if he were as good as Russell Wilson, he'd have a job. Teams believed (probably rightly) that they could get real production out of Mike Vick, so he got signed.

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